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Monday, January 2, 2012

Portages? Part II...

The Portage: Mariman on the Trancura
This rapid comes in the middle of a class III/IV stretch on the Trancura. The river tightens up and gets steep. The gradient all comes in two drops, the first is five feet and the next is about ten feet. It isn't really the gradient that is intimidating, it is the amount of water and the shape of the hydraulic at the bottom.

Bartl trying to get back to the cleaner right side

Paul Cleaning it up

Bartl actually did not really make it back to the right and decided instead to do what he loves: Playboating. Bartl doing a pirouette over the impressive hydraulic.

On this particular drop, perception deceives us. The hole at the bottom looks huge, but it actually does nothing, you really just float through. This tiny piece of information turns this rapid from a gnarly scary scout to a very manageable series of moves.
Casey Tengo shows us how he manages to style it every time
Apparently control is needed.

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