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This blog is dedicated to explorations of spirit, life, adventure, and people. I hope that it encompasses much more than the actions of people, but rather creates a more complete picture of what it means to be an athlete and a person in the outdoor community.


This page is dedicated strictly to sending out my gratitude to the kayaking community and all it's members that I have encountered. I would like to include a little description of how each has helped me. Gratitude humbles the soul and helps you remember where you came from.

Bryan Plocki: I still remember the cold day in lake almanor that he helped me roll the first time.

Rick stock: I did not know the river before him. He coordinated the program that led to me to knowing anything about whitewater. He continues to be a mentor, friend, enabler, and local whitewater expert. If you love the outdoors check his program out here.

Edgar Vargas: He was the one out there on the water with me running the class II and III that soon led to my life crippling addiction to kayaking. He also took me down the MF Feather the first time, a mind blowing experience. Where is he now? no one knows... some say grad school, others say he swims with the otter of the great bay.

Cody clayton: Took me on my first class II run, which included seven swims. Still kayaks with me... surprisingly.

Teresa Miller: It is hard to say exactly how she has affected my life overall, it is a complex web of decisions and planning. Suffice it to say she definitely makes me a better paddler and better person. I never would have done half the hard runs I did, she always convinces me to go, even if I am scared. She knows whats best.

Morgan Koons: She is the second leg of our quincy tripod, I am the third. I guess that makes Cody the first. I don't know exactly what that means. Anyway, she helps me make good decisions. She also puts me in my place. She keeps it real.

The Longs: This family simply creates the best possible environment for learning to kayak available. Located near boise Idaho. Check out their scene here.  Chad took me down class V for the first time, I sat in on numerous lesson from the excellent instructor Tom Long. I went to swiftwater class with Tren and learned how to raft from Kenneth. These guys are some of the best in the business. All the wives kill it too, great food, phone personalities, photography, and horses?(I guess, I don't really know). Plus they go to Chile every year. Sweet.

Friends: Can't go kayaking without friends. Nate Hardison killed it for awhile, Marshall Baxter, Michael Gilliam, Corey Crimmins and his future wife Berni. We have Eddy Mutch and the Quincy crew, Jeff Bell. I guess that is the whole quincy crew. Eddy and Jeff. There was that brief time we had Graham and Jared, man that was a great year. We were killing it.

Galen Licht: Who boy, our relationship is too much like that of siblings... or worse, a married couple. I have to thank him for a few reasons: The kayak club, friend to paddle with, connections, gear, deals, knowledge, and being a great roommate. I look forward to many more days on the river with him, many more used pieces of gear, and many more stories. Plus he is great in photos.

Darin Mcquiod: He probably has little idea of the impact he has had on my kayaking but it is huge. I read his blog, tutorials, and use his descriptions to get fired up about new rivers. I trust him as a kayaker, photographer, and friend. He pointed me to my first camera, which I enjoy very much, and his tutorial gave me the basics about how to shoot whitewater, which I do as best I can and much better than I would have done otherwise.

The pros: I think I have to give thanks to these guys for inspiration. People like Ben Stookesbury, Chris Korbulic, Macy, Taylor, other Taylor, even the ghost of Scott Lindgren keep me in my place and get me motivated to keep paddling. These guys are crazy good and it is inspiring to see what they do. If you ever feel like you are getting really good at kayaking check out Chris's blog here.  That will keep you busy for awhile.

My Parents: Oh man my parents are awesome. They have run shuttles, worked long hours, let me stay at the house, fed me, bought me a kayak, sent me to school. Everything. They have done everything. With such insouciance too, which I believe led me to be calm about whitewater, as they were about providing life to me.

UCSC Kayak Club: I am not gonna lie, I don't really get pumped on roll sessions, but once we are on the river I am there. People really learn in this club. I have seen people go from a pool to class IV during there stay in the club. I am constantly amazed at what this organization does for its members and the kayaking community.

To all the people I forgot, the better you know me the better you know that I have a terrible memory. Hopefully I will go on another rant soon and remember to give gratitude to you. There are many many more I am sure.