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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cochamo Valley, Chile

The beauty of this country never ceases.

Typically, sitting and drinking wine near the ocean does not lend itself to a kayaking trip, but Chile is different.
The Cochamo runs through a valley guarded vigilantly by rock giants.

There is only passage from the east and west, Chile and Argentina.

Only Horses and people pass through this canyon, occasionally people with kayaks. The trail is a maze that has been dug out by thousands of horse passages. When one became too muddy, they started another one, only to dig another hole.
A night in this valley makes you realize how perfect this place is for both kayakers and climbers. Huge walls tower above.

 We made a late start into the gorge of the Cochamo.

A bunch of big boulders and paddle strokes later the "Clean section" started. Gordon Klco on the entrance.

A portage and a seal launch later. 

And it was clean.

Casey Tango on the last drop in the series.

Then we had some problems, more on that later. 

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