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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Abandon Poisonous Food

This post is not tradition for a kayaking blog. It is about a buddhist slogan entitled abandon poisonous food. I am trying not to be so predictable. It is written to create a sense of continuity, gratitude, and acceptance. 

Sometimes things are presented in such a pretty and professional way, we don’t know exactly what we are eating, or taking in. Soon we are serving it to other people, spreading negativity. You can be having a nice conversation and soon you are serving other people a bunch of nasty remarks and bringing everyone suffering. This post is about a Buddhist slogan “Abandon poisonous food”. This isn’t about being a vegetarian, or eating kosher, it is about what you serve other people with your mouth, the things you eat with your ears.

Chogyam Trunpga states this about the slogan; “if an action is connected with increasing our personal achievement or individual glory(ego), if in that action we believe that we are in the right and others are wrong(judgment), and we would like to conquer others wrongness because we are on the side of the Right and so forth – that kind of bullshit or cow dung is regarded as poisonous food”. Thinking in this way, that we are right and others are wrong, that we are righteous and worthy and others are not, is poisonous food. We should not eat it. It is in the way that you think about an action or decision that matters. If we use our decision as a tool to increase our own ego, it actually causes us suffering. We end up having to pretend like what we did was better or right, and what others do is not so good, that they can’t achieve what we did.

What we do is spectacular, what everyone does is spectacular. We can spread it. Living this life and finding what you love is a miracle. Kayakers have found something, and we should be grateful to all those out there who have found something they love, we should be grateful that we have found something we love. It is our challenge to accept others as they are, their struggles, their passions. It is our struggle to spread the love of kayaking, all the way through to the top.

The opposite of criticism is gratitude. So I will end with that. 

Thank you AW, thank you to anyone who has ever given time to write-ups, thank you to anyone who has taught someone to roll, who has taken someone kayaking for the first time, who has been a guide for someone in any capacity, these are activities in the reduction of ego, the reduction of criticism. 

Thank you for creating a connection to water, a way to interact with it safely. 

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