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This blog is dedicated to explorations of spirit, life, adventure, and people. I hope that it encompasses much more than the actions of people, but rather creates a more complete picture of what it means to be an athlete and a person in the outdoor community.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Return to Reality

Go back to your home town. Witness the budding lifelong love, weddings, growing families, changing communities, career changes, college stories, parking stress, and enthusiasm draining traffic. This is real life. Come back to the river and experience ephemeral love, dynamic water levels, 16 hours of sun, shuttles, swims, and poison ivy. This is real life. Dive into it.

These worlds are disparate. Separated by decisions, separated by geography, separated by economies and sociology. Everyone has chasms in their life, divisions that may be real, or may not be: Work or vacation, family or friends, challenge or relaxation, mountains or ocean. It is the way we integrate and balance these competing interests that defines who we are. We discover this balance in our life, mostly through trial and error, fumbling to understand and respect ourselves. Sometimes it feels like we are dictating who we are, but ultimately you have to trust your heart to determine what is important in your life, and allow yourself to discover it.

Will you move to Guatemala, extricating yourself from family and friends to live a life of change? Will you be achieving your goals by doing this? Will you hear the crash of waves as you sleep or see the fall of snow as you wake in the morning?

What we do know is that you can only determine 10% of someones happiness based on their environment. That means that 90% of our happiness and satisfaction is dependent upon our perception of our environment. So pay attention, give thanks for the events of your day, for the choices you have made to empower your own life and happiness. Exercise. And randomly perform acts of kindness. These are all activites that have shown to put people in a state of positivity, which lends itself to perceiving your environment with gratitude rather than pessimism. And if these activities don't help, perhaps it is time to listen to yourself and shift one of the many balancing acts we perform. Or perhaps it is time to sit around the fire and relax with some friends.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Moving on/Love with care

It is hard to describe the impossible: the reconciliation of our hopes and dreams with reality. Each day we do something amazing. We live.
It is impossibly delicate. A house made of cards, each precariously placed on the last. And we face our day to day without crumbling; we muster the strength to wake up, feed ourselves, clean ourselves and face challenges far beyond just survival. We fight to grow, we fight to love imperfections, within the world and ourselves. We fight to make it all okay. We fight to be happy.
There is inherent risk out there, in the world. Some emotional, some physical: we get hurt, we must learn to love again or we must retrain our muscles with our new abilities. Each of these events take its toll. We don't love so hard, we don't play as hard. We get stronger, more intuitive. It takes us longer to trust something, to believe that it won't rip us apart, but we can go deeper than we could when we were younger. We can love maturely, knowing that it will hurt sometimes, knowing that the challenges our love presents will make our bond grow deeper.
We must remember that the challenges along the way are learning opportunities for growth, that make us strong. The more chaos we go through, the more peace you find in your moment to moment life. The more you realize how peaceful our lives really are. Without chaos there is no calm, without challenge there is no growth.

Find peace in reflecting on the challenges that the thing you love gives you.