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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mill Creek

Mill creek is a tributary to the Kings river. It runs from Squaw Valley down to Wonder Valley.

Paul Martzen has a nice write-up on AW.

The goods on this creek are memorable but lack challenge that would inspire boaters to drive long distances to run it. Also only about half the run has rapids, the other half is all about tucking through forests of willows and getting pinned on small rocks in 8 inches of water. Perhaps if you are from the east you will really enjoy it(they like rocks right?).

Scouting the first gorge

The goods all come in pretty quick succession. The run is only three miles of whitewater(three mile paddle out) so it is stacked up in there with a some mank in between. Clancy dropping in.

That drops leads directly into this drop:

And yes that is the bottom of his boat. It is best to link the two rapids so you have enough speed not to let this happen.

This section is definitely classic. It is stacked and granite.

It even has a beautiful waterfall that is tempting, has been run, but will be portaged by all but those in there at high water or with a supreme confidence.

There are a few more rapids after lunch that are well worth remembering: Galen looking good

Here is the final rapid before the mank and cow-chasing. 

Unfortunately, the second half of the run consists of tucking your paddle, ducking, and jousting your way through willows. Well worth doing in the area, well worth not doing if you are more than a few hours away.

two beers to three skulls. Both out of five. 250 cfs. 
Beers is the enjoyment of the run, skulls is how much suffering you have to endure to run it.


  1. Sweet man. I would suggest that you use bigger pictures. It's pretty nice looking at Darin's blog and not having to click on pictures to actually see them. It kinda sucks to be taken away from the writing as well. The Cascade ones are a better size but still a bit hard to see on my computer.


  2. Cool, there you go buddy. I went to the new posting system and it is much easier to change the size of the photos. It takes forever for these photos to load, they are big. I agree that this size is much more enjoyable though.