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Sunday, May 15, 2011


I have been portaging this rapid for years. Ever since I was a young, callow lad. This is a precipitous drop. It has six consecutive ledges that are stacked onto one another, making control very limited. You have two moves that you can actively control and then the rest is decided by what happened in those moves.

On the particular day that I ran this rapid, people got wind that I was thinking about it. By the time I arrived at the cascades there was a small audience drinking beer with cameras and throw bags.

no pressure

I pull out on the opposite side of the river, take a scout, like I had a dozen times before. That day I had a hard time putting my skirt back on due to the cold temperatures, but such is kayaking.

Dropping in

Getting to the boof. Feelin' good here.

From there you just are blasting through holes and whitewater and just kind of waiting to see what happens...
and now I am facing upstream!(not part of the plan)

I made it out! I'm free!

That is the day I put that demon to rest.

Cascades @ 700 cfs

My buddies Cody and Edgar had what are thought to be the first and second descent on this thing at 300 cfs. Also, my friend Galen ran it at 1000 cfs a few days later with a less successful line. This is my first video and I didn't realize that the landscape and wide backgrounds are actually for storyboarding so if that is weird, my apologies. I will correct that on the next movie.

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  1. wow what a line! looks like it all flushes : )