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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Juxtaposition

The years press on and the imprint lasts. With each new season, new skills, passions, and questions arise. We push our bodies and minds to the brink, and find satisfaction at the end of the day.
The cold air of fall makes the descents invigorate the soul. Ridge after ridge and the ride has vista after vista. The Lost Sierra certainly earns it name this fall. While the Government is shut down we take advantage and poach a section and gain a deeper understanding of why it is called the "crest" trail. Barely wandering away from the tops of mountains, the trail offers miles of somewhat untouched terrain. In 50 total miles of riding we saw two hikers and 5 bikers, on beautiful weekends in october. 

As we get older we continue to find ways to challenge ourselves and grow, though sometimes painfully. The body and mind both give us lessons on how to handle pain and stress. Legs burn as you ride up, but the release from that same pain as you fly through the air is half the joy of the descent. Similar things happen in the mind. We persevere through challenging situations and people, but when we get to the other side, we release and have gratitude to just be free of it. The juxtaposition makes it all that much more sweet. Each time we do this we gain strength, mental and physical, as well as a perspective of joy and gratitude for those moment of solace. But we must keep putting ourselves there, to gain strength, skill, and a deeper sense of joy and a full experience of the human condition. We all share these experiences, and to feel them deeply deepens our connections to those around us. To this I say, go out and suffer with your friends and you will be happier because of it. 

Feel the burn! Enjoy the fall!

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