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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Race Day

Get left get left get left, right stroke, lean, lean, move right, catch the corner, lay into the boof, stomp it down, keep it moving keep it moving. get the bow back downstream. pump pump pump. Good line.

Racing is a fight against the current to work with the current. You can always find a line that feels like it is propelling you forward, it is just a matter of how you see it. I have taught many people a little bit about kayaking but a few people have taught me a lot about kayaking.

1. Always stay on the edge of eddies, stay away from wavetrains. Every time a wave crashes over your boat you lose two seconds and you need three strokes to get back to full speed, wasting speed and energy.
2. You only really make up time in your lines. I have never passed someone in flatwater. Practice your lines.
3. Do NOT land flat, land at a 45 and use that transition to speed yourself up. Landing flat takes away most of the speed and does not transition it into forward moment.
4. Strong core. You paddle from your lower abdomen, so make sure you have been doing your crunches.
5. Keep your chin up. This one sounds silly but as you close your chin to your chest you are curling your back, keep an upright back by keeping your head high.

That is enough. The most important is to know the lines, but knowing the lines means that you are avoiding any hits and laying down boofs.

See you at the tobin race... if my shoulder has healed.


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