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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The questions we ask

There is a moment, at the end, where we evaluate what we accomplished. It could be our dying breath, it could be when our name is called on graduation, but there are definitive moments in our life where we can’t help but think back and wonder: Did I do the best I could?

We can struggle with many things in this life: drugs, money, family, community, art, spirituality, mind, media. Do we choose correctly? When we lie on our death bed, will we think and wish “I should have watched Cinderella one more time” or “if I had only smoked weed one more time I would be happy” or maybe “I should have taken that job as a corporate exec to I could own a second house right now”. 

No. We will not think of those things. I heard a professor at UC Berkeley discuss this topic once, there have been studies on what people think about the days before they pass. 

The questions that they ponder are: Did I help others? Was I a productive member of my community? Did I tell the people that I cared for that I loved them.

At each end, each transition, we have thoughts like these. The above questions need answering when we end this life, but each phase has questions. I have already finished many things in my life, and with each, questions arise.

The reality is that we have to answer these quandaries of the future in the present moment. We must understand our future regrets and overcome them now, we have to fight for what we will believe was important. Push yourself, both physically and psychologically to improve. Care for others, push your boundaries, contribute to your community, meditate in the company of a kayak, paddle, and friends. Find ways to break through your barriers.

I think of the end of things often. One day I will no longer be a kayaker, one day I will no longer be a teacher, one day I will no longer be alive. I think to the moment before those things end and imagine how I will perceive the time that I am spending now. Am I doing it right?

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