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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

On a Journey

Knowing where you are in a journey can help you weather the bumps. 

Here is the heroes journey, as written by Joseph Campbell. 

Obviously, the most important aspect of this diagram is that you are Bengal with an eye patch. Never lose sight of the fact that you are Bengal with an eye patch... and a green bowtie.

if you have ever delved into anything, this should look pretty familiar once you think critically about the steps. I have felt these things so many times, the frustration or yearning that leads to a call to adventure, the fear of said adventure and the reluctance associated with it, the mental barriers you have to it or refusal of the call, a friend or guide who helps you into it(suggesting that you should apply to a job, or run a rapid) or the supernatural aid, the full submersion into a lifestyle of kayaking, skiing, religion, a job. The list goes on.

At any time in your life a few of these journeys are happening, hopefully they are not all at the road of trials at the same time. I think that many relationships and careers get messed up because both of them are at the road of trails stage at the same time, when really they need to be offset, along with other major parts of your life. I found this to be a cool tool to bring perspective to the journey that is life, and recognize that there are a few places where the road is hard. There are also a few places where the road is exulting. If we know that is what we are supposed to be feeling and what comes next, we can live it fully, and live fearlessly through that experience.

Enjoy the Journey.

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  1. Oh man, Bengal with an eyepatch. I'm cracking up over here, that is hilarious!