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Sunday, February 23, 2014


I have been tripping out recently on the idea of skill development. Sometimes it just blows me away what we have to go through to in order to become an expert. It is a miracle that we ever make it. Watching people learn how to kayak, ski, skate, lift, read, write, or any human endeavor worth doing is a long uphill battle.

Some activities are tremendously capital intensive; intellectual skills require direct guidance for almost two decades to get someone to a level that they can even participate in a middle class job. Recently, Time magazine dedicated an issue to a new breed of school that have students graduate school with a 2 year associates degree and a guaranteed job at IBM. High school isn't enough, and neither is college. There is no gimme. You have to earn what you get, or have the connections to float through.

The idea of "earning it" in the real world is much more complex than in the outdoor sports. We just walk out there, climb to the top, and we "earned it". But what is the equivalent in the professional world? Are some people riding lifts, while others are boot packing, and others skinning up?

Galen makes a transition after a short climb.

What do we earn? What was given to us?

The climb gives us character, perspective, gratitude, and we get to practice real human skills. But the bottom line for everyone looking for the dream line: Perseverance. You will make it to the top if you envision yourself there. You will make it to the top if you keep hiking up, keep looking for a way. And you will get knocked down, lose your footing, but all it takes is a short break, and starting back up.
Galen looks out on the possibilities. 

Kiki Shows us what it is really about

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