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Friday, July 19, 2013

Truckee is a nice place to visit, but I live here.

Truckee is an interesting place, people don't just end up in truckee, everyone is here for a reason, and it has to be a good one to deal with the winters. This leads to the development of an interesting community:

You know you are in truckee when...

-someone thinks you are dressed up because you have buttons on your shirt

-you have to decide between world class mountain biking or kayaking.

-you see a legend on the same ride or run you are on. "Did you see that, that was (insert pseudo-famous athlete here)!"

-swimming in the lake is something you do in between other events. "Hey you want to stop for a swim on the way back from the store?"

-Someone is wearing a big truck hat

-A kid shreds way harder than you do

-You meet someone and have paddled/biked/skied with their exboyfriend/exgirlfriend/brother-in-law/sister-inlaw/coworker and have 10 friends in common already.

-You ride by yourself because everyone else is already doing something hardcore

-you think 85 is "hot"

-people don't have meals anymore, just barbeques

-you don't see anyone all winter long

-you meet a cool girl and she has a boyfriend.

Love Truckee!

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