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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We do it for the adventure

To really enjoy kayaking hard whitewater you have to have a taste for Plan B, because you get there a lot:

water levels,
boats breaking,
broken paddles
shoulder injuries,
near death experiences,
freak outs,

There are many reasons why we hike out and damn it, hike-outs are fun. Anytime shit hits the fan we have a fantastic opportunity to use those hard earned problem solving skills to manage the situation.

Do we break the group up? How fast do we get out of here? How do we split up gear? How does this change our risk management plan? How hurt/broken are they(the gear or people)?

At this point I have had issues on a lot of different trips: Fordyce, MF feather, Middle Cherry, Payettes, MF salmon, Mill creek, SB feather, SB feather, SB feather, in fact every time I run the SB something happens. So get ready, because not only is a mishap 100% possible it is 100% going to happen so get ready for it!

Have a throw bag with you(waist bag) and all your rescue gear on your PFD,
Keeps snacks on your person,
Wear SHOES(that stay your feet(TEVA do not count))!!
Drink more water than you think you should
Have a waist belt of webbing and carabiners(this is incredibly handy for carrying gear and portaging)
Expect problems
go with someone who knows the run
get fit!

And smile when it is time to hike out because memories are hard to make and you are in one.

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