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This blog is dedicated to explorations of spirit, life, adventure, and people. I hope that it encompasses much more than the actions of people, but rather creates a more complete picture of what it means to be an athlete and a person in the outdoor community.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

What of it?

What of continued contentment? Of challenges and shaping, striving, wanting, gratitude, perfection, the process, the journey, fatigue, dreaming, hoping, goals, happenstance, opportunity, success, failure, learning, trying, groups, introducing, eye-contact, smiling, support, trust, togetherness, showing, compassion, disguises, acting, aberrations, relaxing, tension, affect, intelligence, wording, cause, justification, arguing, negotiation, watching, warmth, passivity, cognition, maturing, adoration, vulnerability, vulnerability, vulnerability, power, friendships, unity, comfortability, openness, welcoming, judgement, ease, intensity, wilderness, risk, sinking, swimming, pain, drowning, playing, peeing, sarcasm, humor, connecting, life, love, safety, responsibility, wanting, eating, drinking, sleeping. 

How do we sift through it all?

Look at the colors!

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