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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Three words

Simplicity at it's finest:
 The words humbly are chalked into a beam across the training center on Donner Summit at Sugar Bowl Academy. Each day new slogans are marked on a board, but this one stays. It is the most challenging. It applies to everything, to every moment. We need these three words. We cannot let them slip away. But they do, the simpler something is the more ease we have in misinterpreting it, or passing it off as meaningless. But on this day it has meaning.

It means push on.

It means gather yourself and think only of the next movement, the next physical challenge. Forget class, forget the meeting at 3:15 when you will dearly want to go home, forget your endless search for connections, for love, forget trying to understand the meaning of sport, of courage, of heart and truth and pain and suffering. Let it go. You are in this moment and it is suffering. Endurable, progressive, willed even. And come back tomorrow. Don't think about that yet though, there is much to come before that.
These figures. These inert objects of sizable mass, of painful momentum sit idly. They are chipped by the change and evolution of the human body, of the scars of growth. They know of the path to health, the path to confidence and success, but they do just as a good oracle does: They allow you to find it yourself. They are boring. They push nothing upon you, they allow you to find it yourself. Only few will know their majesty, their prestige. That is okay. The fierce, the ones searching, the ones digging deep will find them, will appreciate them. Those who do will find communion in a moment, those who do will be here now.

- a thank you to Candice and Douglas Brooks for allowing me to come in and work out with the kids and them.

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