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Saturday, March 31, 2012


During this trip home I went to Santa Cruz and surfed, went to Quincy and kayaked, and then went to Tahoe to do some skiing. All this in under a week. Drink it up people, California is one of the most spectacular places to be on the planet, especially in March when everything is good.

Jared Licht takes a second before furthering the path into Sugarbowl sidecountry

We make a few turns and find our way to a unique feature of "The Lake Run". One must pass through the old train tunnel to finish the line. It is pure ice in there, and falling holding skis and poles is either really funny or really painful. Plus, as you can tell in the photo, it soon turns pitch black. Ice skating in ski boots while blind never appealed to me, but it turns out to add quite a twist to a short adventure. 

We slip out through a small opening in the side of the tunnel and the boys scope the final pitch.

We can see Jared's house and he leads the way down the heavy but buttery snow. 

March: The surf is pounding, the snow is deep, and the rivers are raging. 

Today's Advice: If you can't get time off from your job, consider quitting. 

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