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Thursday, July 7, 2011

360 Degrees of water falling

Clancy, Kevin, and I arrived home to find that our local waterfall, Indian Falls, still had enough water sliding over it to make it fun. Kevin had never run a waterfall before so we spent an afternoon trying out different lines on it. I walked around it, seeing what different shooting angles does for the composure of a photo. Here are the results:

Rehab update: As I write this it has been 29 days since dislocation. I went kayaking for the first time 27 days after injury. I ran indian falls three times then we ran a local class IV run: Virgilia. It is a little sore, the ligaments can handle forward paddling but nothing unpredictable. I can do full pullups and pushups most of the time, depending on how much I used it.

I will continue the class IV tour with Kevin and Clancy for a few more days then return to rehab, hoping to be fully healthy by the time I leave for New River Academy and a full year of kayaking.

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