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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The shadow of kayaking

These are the short, very vivid thoughts of someone in a very intense situation.

Shoulder Dislocation on Mill Creek:

My shoulder is out. It is over. My kayaker is gone. I can be a normal person. I am free of this. I can finally do something else. I will read. I will bike. I will be able to have a normal relationship with my family and friends. I will no longer have to live so selfishly, so dedicated to one thing. I want to cry. I am so happy I will be free. I want to move forward. Have this all be over, free of regret.

Swim on Rainbow Falls on the SF Tuolumne:
I am going to go left. That was a long day... take the easy line

Wait a second... Galen is going right. It must have looked better than I thought.

(Galen drops off the falls)

Oh shit I am too far left. Oh shit I am going to land on Galen. I hope this doesn't hurt.

Hmmmm... I can't really roll, too bubbly. My knee is out. One try.


(Roll... nope)

I can't breathe.

I guess thats going to have to be okay.

I'm outta here


Am I behind this Waterfall? When am I going to go deep? I am bobbing. I can feel myself bobbing. I must be moving


Oh I am deep. When can I start swimming up? Now? Fuck it I am swimming up now.

(Pops up)

Oh theres Galen. Where is my stuff?

(Swims to shore)

Injury on EB of the NF Feather: 

I think I go left, middle, then back left. Wow that is a huge wave.



Oh my god.

I think I just crushed my cheek bone. Oh my god.

Is my helmet on?

Fuck. Roll.



Oh my god. I am up. My helmet is gone. I just ran that whole rapid upside down with no fucking helmet on.

Blood is dripping all over me. How bad is it?

Jesse: "It isn't that bad"


15 stitches below eye. 5 above.

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